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No Risk Warranty

The option of a No Risk Warranty is offered to you by Target Travel. Upon booking a rental car you can choose whether you want to get this extra insurance or not. With the No Risk Warranty any deductible excess is covered up to an amount of €1.500,-. If you choose to get the No Risk Warranty upon booking, employees at the counter of the pick-up location will warn you that you are not fully insured because this product is not known to them. If you do not take the offered extra insurance at the counter then bear in mind that the rental location will put a hold on your credit card for the amount of the deposit. If you do get the offered extra insurance at the pick-up location and sign for this, you will not be refunded for the money you paid. If you have completed a non-risk insurance and have incurred costs relating to damage (CDW) and / or theft insurance (TP), you can claim these costs by using our online form.

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