Renting a car or RV: what is the best choice?

We often see travelers face the dilemma of choosing between renting a car or a RV. It can be challenging to make this decision, especially if you're not yet familiar with what to expect from a car, RV, or destination. It's wise to consider which option is best for you. In this blog, we will explain the pros and cons of renting a car or RV.

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Pros of renting a car

Drive and stop anywhere

With a rental car, you can access almost any road and have the flexibility to park almost everywhere. This is especially convenient in cities. Parallel parking is easier with a car, and its also easier to find a parking spot at busy attractions.

Hit the rode quicker

When you choose a car, you don't need to fill the water tank or store various items before hitting the road again. After your night in a hotel, you can simply hop in the car and go. Additionally, cars typically travel faster than RVs, allowing you to cover more distance in a day and have more time at your destination.


A rental car offers more comfort while driving compared to a RV. You can pick up your rental car directly at the airport. You don't need to worry about narrow roads, low tunnels, and other obstacles. There are no rattling utensils or clinking glasses to deal with. Renting a car also means enjoying the comfort of a hotel.

Cons of renting a car

Eating out

When you travel with a rental car, you don’t have your own cooking facilities like you would have with a RV. This means you'll rely on restaurants, which can become expensive as you'll be eating out frequently.

Living out of a suitcase

During a road trip with a car, you live out of a suitcase, unpacking it at each hotel and then packing it back up when you leave. With a RV, you only need to unpack once, and you can enjoy it for your entire vacation.

Going from hotel to hotel

During a road trip with a car, you’ll book a variety of hotels and sleep in a new bed almost every night. Checking in and out becomes a daily routine, whereas with a camper, you sleep in the same bed every night.


Pros of renting a RV

Your own home on the road

Many RVs come with a bathroom, kitchen, seating area, and sleeping space. You can even opt for luxurious RV types with a television or extra kitchen appliances — the possibilities are endless! This means you always have a toilet available on the go and can whip up a tasty meal in the kitchen whenever you like.

Sleeping amidst nature

Campgrounds are often situated in nature. Particularly in the USA, it's an experience to stay at or close to the national parks. Campgrounds range from more expensive luxury spots to cheaper and simpler locations. With a camper, you don't need many facilities, so you can easily stay at a basic campground. 

Your own kitchen

With a RV, you bring your own fridge along and have the option to make your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Something a rental car doesn't offer. Many RV travelers appreciate the freedom and comfort of having their own kitchen within reach.

Cons of renting a RV

More work required

With a RV, you'll need to fill water tanks and dispose of waste. When leaving a campground, you'll need to ensure everything is disconnected and securely stored inside the RV. Therefore, it involves more time and work than traveling with a rental car.


Finding a large parking spot can be challenging with a RV. As a result, you may be less willing to have a drink in the city center or to go shopping. Tip: bring your own bikes or rent bikes to maintain flexibility.

Limitations to freedom

While a RV offers the freedom of having your own kitchen and bathroom, it also comes with limitations. Navigating through large cities can be challenging with a RV due to limited parking options. Additionally, for national parks in America, it's highly recommended to reserve your spot well in advance due to the popularity of campground sites.

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Still can't decide? 

Consider what's more efficient for you. Renting a RV is more expensive than renting a car, and a RV also requires more fuel. However, campgrounds and cooking your own meal is cheaper than staying in hotels and eating out. If you're traveling with multiple people and would need to book separate hotel rooms, a RV could be less expensive. You can also take your destination in consideration. If you're visiting multiple cities, a rental car may be the smarter choice. However, if you plan to visit several national parks, we would recommend a RV. Booking a RV is easy with Worldwide Campers.

Why choose?

Why should you have to make a decision when you can have both? The combination of  a car and RV is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Start by renting a car when exploring cities. Afterwards, return the car and switch to a RV to explore nature. If you need advice on choosing or combining RV and car rentals, our experts are here to help!