The beauty of Portugal

In the southwestern part of Europe, you will find Portugal. The country, along with neighboring Spain, belongs to the Iberian Peninsula. It is a country that most people have probably visited at some point. Cities such as Faro, Porto and Lisbon are immensely popular among European- and intercontinental travelers. However, national influences still remain visible to this day. In this blog, we will highlight what makes Portugal so beautiful.

Geres NP

Immerse yourself in Portuguese nature

Besides the country's famous cities (read more about those here), the nature scene is also worth mentioning. In the northern part of Portugal (1.5 hours north of Porto), you'll find the Peneda Gerês national park. Here you will find many boulders, forests, reservoirs, and waterfalls. Since it is not a touristic area, it is an ideal place to escape the large crowds. You can also find a number of mountains in Portugal or on Portuguese soil. In fact, the two highest peaks can be found on the Portuguese island of Madeira. With rental locations at all airports, on the mainland and on the islands, you can easily take your rental car on the road through the lovely nature scene.

Pasteis de nata

Portuguese cuisine

Perhaps not world-famous but certainly known around the world: the gastronomy of Portugal. With such a long coastline in the west, it is not surprising that fish plays an important role in Portuguese cuisine. Cod (“bacalhau”) can be seen on menus in all sorts of varieties. But shellfish and squid are also popular dishes. And are you in the Algarve area? Look for the 'Caracois', these are small, delicious snails. If you are looking for a sweet treat, aficionados can't believe their luck with the Pasteis de Nata. These are small pastries with cream that you will never get tired of. Are you heading towards Lisbon? Make a stop in the Belém district, where these pastries are still made by hand.  


Golf and Surf in Portugal

It's hard to find a better destination for your golf vacation than Portugal. You'll find more than 90 different golf courses throughout the country. Out of the last 10 years, Portugal has won the award for the best golf destination in Europe eight times. The Algarve and the coast around Lisbon are well-known destinations which have won several international awards. And also on the Azores, one will find golf courses in breathtaking settings. What’s also convenient: Portugal has a mild climate, making it a wonderful place to golf all year round regardless of the season we’re in. 

In addition to golf, surfing is also a popular sport. With the beautiful coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, surfing in Portugal is a highly recommended activity. Places like Ericeira and Peniche (both situated an hour north of Lisbon) and the Algarve are places where you can surf well in all seasons. At these surf spots, there are also often accommodation options specifically designed for surfers, which can be ideal! Tip: rent a larger car with a lot of room in the boot, which is also nicer while you’re traveling from place to place.