When picking up a rental car from Autoshuren.nl, it is mandatory to present a physical credit card in the name of the main driver, regardless of whether the car rental has already been paid for or not. If a credit card cannot be shown, the rental car will be withheld. Below we would like to explain why this is and what you need to consider.


As the main driver, you are responsible for the car and therefore liable for any incidents. For this reason, the rental location makes it mandatory to register a credit card in the name of the main driver. The credit card is only required for picking up the rental car and is separate from the payment method for the car.


When you pick up the rental car, an amount is being reserved on your credit card, also known as the security deposit. The deposit has a value of the deductible, but can also be lower. The deposit serves as a guarantee to cover the deductible, uninsured damages and any fines. When the car is returned and the above is not applicable, the rental location will release the security deposit. This can take up to six weeks.

If the car is returned with damage, the full deposit will be charged to the credit card. If the final damage cost is less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded. If the cost exceeds the security deposit, the additional amount will also be charged.


When renting a car the following points are important regarding credit cards:

  • Accepted credit cards
    The following credit cards are generally accepted: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Name on credit card
    Make sure that the name of the main driver, as it appears in the passport, matches the name on the credit card and reservation voucher. Even if the credit card comes from an employer, the name of the main driver must be on the card.
  • A PIN code
    Entering a pin code is required when picking up the rental car. However, unlike a regular bank card, a pin is not always associated with a credit card by default. If in doubt about this, contact the bank in time to verify. This ensures a smooth pickup process of the rental car.
  • Deposit limit
    Given the reservation of the deposit, it is crucial that the credit card has sufficient limit. You can find the amount of the deposit for your destination in the terms and conditions or contact our customer service team about this.
  • Physical card
    Digital credit cards or credit card details without the physical card are not accepted. It is mandatory to bring the physical credit card with you at all times. Possible exceptions may apply per country, these can be found in the terms and conditions.


If the main driver does not have a credit card in his own name, you can register another person from the travel party as an additional driver prior to the trip. This person, who has a credit card in his/her own name and a valid driver's license, then becomes the main driver. This is possible even if this person has no/hardly any intention of driving. Registering both people as drivers offers flexibility regardless of who ends up driving the car. Please note that there is an additional cost to registering an additional driver. As these differ per location, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Important: When picking up the rental car, all registered drivers must be present, and be able to show a valid driver's license. The rental car will be withheld if one is unable to show the required documents and credit card.

Do you have any further questions, for example about renting a car without a credit card? Then please contact one of our employees.