Occasionally, additional features such as a child seat, winter tires and luggage box may be necessary. Because Autoshuren.nl works with local partners, we cannot guarantee in advance that these extras will be available. In most cases, additional options are subject to an on-site surcharge and deposit.

Adding an extra driver

Especially for long distances, it can be convenient to add an additional driver. That way you can take turns driving and split the travel time. Keep in mind that some destinations may charge a surcharge for additional drivers.

All drivers must be present in person when picking up the rental car, be able to show a valid driver's license and sign the rental contract. The main driver must also be able to show a credit card in his/her name. In New York, all co-drivers must also have a credit card in their name. Want to add an additional driver to the trip? You'll find more information about any additional charges in the rental terms and conditions for each country.

Additional drivers in North America: If you are married or living together, in the US you can add your partner as an additional driver on the rental contract free of charge. In other cases, charges may apply. If you choose an Alamo Gold or Gold Underage package in North America, there are no additional charges for co-drivers. You can then add up to three additional drivers free of charge when you pick up the rental car.

Child seat

In most European countries and for the majority of America, child seats are required for children up to age 6. These must be requested in advance. The cost varies by country or location and is shown in the additional options during rental car reservation. Child seats must be reserved in advance and paid for when picking up the car.


Especially in unfamiliar destinations, a navigation system is very valuable. When renting a car in the United States or Canada, it is recommended to take a car including GPS. During the booking process you can choose the desired package with GPS. If you have not booked a GPS and decide on the spot that you still need a GPS, this is often possible. The cost is about $15 per day.


For countries where winter tires are mandatory, they are included as standard in the rental price in the period from approximately November 1 to March 31. This applies to Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

For countries where winter tires are not mandatory, you can request them in some cases. In this case, these costs are not included in the rental price (except Hungary). It is not possible to request a car with winter tires or all-season tires for all locations. Always consult the terms and conditions of your destination for more information.

Included extra options

Some additional rental car options can be booked through Autoshuren.nl as part of a package, such as GPS and the additional driver (Fully Inclusive and Gold + GPS package). The cost of these extras is then included in the rental price. The cost and terms of other extras paid locally may vary and depend on local taxes and regulations.