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Renting a convertible

Renting a convertible is easy with Autoshuren.nl

Renting a convertible car at a holiday destination is becoming more popular. Especially at destinations where the sun often shines driving a convertible is great. For instance, how about the sunny destination of France’s Côte d’Azur? In the city of Nice you can easily rent a convertible and start your trip around the French Riviera. Visiting the kingdom of Monaco is a must! The Algarve in Portugal is another destination where renting a convertible is a great option. This will make it much nicer to discover the beautiful countryside and the beaches.

Traveling Florida by convertible

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State of the United States. Because of the subtropical climate the sun shines for more than 300 days a year. In Miami you can easily rent a convertible and start your round trip through sunny Florida. Do not forget to include a visit to the Florida Keys. The amusement parks in the Orlando area are also a must see! In Florida you can rent a convertible from € 305,- a week. For this price you can get a rental car like a Ford Mustang Convertible or a Chrysler Sebring Convertible.

Where can you rent a convertible through Autoshuren.nl?

  • America
  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Portugal
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