The No-Risk Warranty is offered by Target Travel Services and can be easily added to the booking for EUR 3.50,- per day. With this low-cost insurance it is no longer necessary to buy local insurances. With the No-Risk Warranty you buy off the excess, up to a maximum of EUR 1,500. Because the No-Risk Warranty is only offered by Target Travel, this insurance cannot be purchased at the pickup location, but must be added to the booking in advance.

The rental location is not familiar with Target Travel Services's No-Risk Warranty, so the location may offer additional insurance. However, it is not necessary to take it out because you are covered by the No-Risk Warranty. If you choose to purchase local insurance anyway, you will not be eligible for a refund of these additional costs incurred. Should you have any doubts when picking up the car, please contact our customer service via the (emergency) number mentioned on the car rental voucher.


The deductible varies depending on the country and the type of car booked. The excess amount can be found in the terms and conditions for each country and on the car rental voucher. For North America the following applies: in America there is no deductible and in Canada the excess is CAD 800,- as standard.


Damage to tires, floor, roof, mirrors and windows is not standardly covered. In the United States, With the exception of tires, all these parts are insured. It is possible to purchase additional insurance for this locally, but when you choose our No-Risk Warranty, this type of damage is covered and there is no need to purchase additional insurance.


If you have used our No-Risk Warranty and want to report damage to the rental car, please fill out the Declaration Form as complete as possible. The form may be sent to Once all documents have been received, the claim will be processed within six weeks. Please read the applicable terms and conditions for the No-Risk Warranty.