When you rent a car, you want to hit the road feeling safe. That's why it's good to know that insurance regulations work differently in Europe compared to North America and the rest of the world. Just know, when you rent a car through autoshuren.nl your rental car is always well insured. However, there are some things to keep in mind.


The term "deductible" is a commonly used term in relation to insurances. Simply put, the deductible is the amount you have to pay yourself before the insurance will cover the cost.

The deductible can vary by country and car type, and this is stated in the terms and conditions of the destination. For North America, the following applies: in America there is no deductible and in Canada the deductible is CAD 800.

The excess can be bought off with the No-Risk Warranty of Autoshuren.nl. If you choose not to take insurance, the excess will be reserved as a deposit on the credit card of the main driver.

Theft insurance

All rental cars are insured against theft. However, depending on the country where you rent the car, a deductible may apply.

CDW - Collission Damage Waiver

CDW (Collission Damage Waiver) insurance covers any damage to your own rental car. This insurance is included in all our rates. However, depending on the country where you rent the car, a deductible may apply. Please check the conditions for your destination.

Damage to tires, floors and windows

Damage to tires, floor, roof, mirrors and windows is not covered by the standard policy. In the United States, these parts are partially insured, with the exception of tires. It is possible to purchase additional insurance for this locally, but if you choose our No-Risk Warranty, this type of damage is covered and it is not necessary to purchase an additional insurance.

Roadside assistance plus

The Roadside Assistance insurance is not included in our car rental rates and can be purchased at the time of pick up in North America for USD 6.99 per day, excl. tax. It is not mandatory to purchase this insurance, but it covers:

  • Replacement of (lost) key
  • Costs when locking yourself out of the vehicle
  • Jump start
  • Refueling costs when the tank is empty
  • Costs when the wrong fuel has been used
  • Flat tire and tire replacement
  • Towing costs


This insurance is only available in North America and increases the minimum liability coverage to $1 million. This insurance is included in all our rates.

24/7 emergency number

In case of unforeseen circumstances you can always contact the customer service of autoshuren.nl. During office hours you can reach us by email or phone. Outside office hours you can reach us on the emergency number. The emergency number is listed on the car rental voucher.


No Risk Warranty

The No-Risk Warranty is offered by Target Travel Services and can be selected during the booking process for EUR 3,50 per day. With the No-Risk Warranty you have the option to buy off the excess, up to a maximum of EUR 1,500.

At the rental location, they are not familiar with our No-Risk Guarantee and may offer you a local insurance. However, it is not necessary as you are insured by our No-Risk Warranty. If you are in doubt when picking up the car, we can be reached at our emergency number (found on the car rental voucher). If you do choose to purchase a local additional insurance, you will not be eligible for a refund of these additional costs.