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No Risk Expense form

If you have completed a non-risk insurance and have incurred costs relating to damage (CDW) and / or theft insurance (TP), you can claim these costs by using this online form. The costs will be fully refunded by Target Travel, maximized to your own risk. This is stated in the terms and conditions of the no risk insurance policy. Is there any damage to tires, bottom or roof of the rental car? We also make sure to refund these costs.

How to work with this form?

Please follow all steps of the form and include the following documents:

  • Payment receipt (credit card statement or cash receipt)
  • Local car rental contract
  • Damage report from the local car rental provider
  • Police report (when available)

When we have received the expense form including all required documents, our customer service department will handle your claim. We will keep you posted on the progress of the settlement. You can also send the declaration by post or email, please take into account a processing period of several weeks.

Tip: When you discover damage on the car, please make photos, save all receipts of any additional costs and copy them for your own personal file!

Traffic fines, own responsibility

Traffic fines cannot be declared and are for your own account. In most cases, the rental company will send you a message of the traffic violation. It is possible that the car rental operator charges a fee. You will receive the official offence from the local government. You are responsible for handling this offence, including payment or if you appeal to the decision. If the offence is not clear, you will need to contact the local government. Alamo.nl cannot mediate in this.

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