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Are you planning a vacation in Florida? Make sure to book your rental car through Autoshuren.nl and start your trip in Miami, one of the biggest cities in Florida. Miami is located between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean and it’s the perfect starting point of your trip through the Sunshine State of America. Many people visit Florida because of its tropical climate. In summer it can be extremely hot, so it’s nice to know that if you rent an Alamo car it always has air-conditioning.

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Experience Florida with your Alamo rental car

Florida has its visitors a lot to offer. The state has many beach destinations, beautiful cities and of course the most popular amusement parks for children such as Sea World and Disneyworld . If you want to see all this state has to offer, we advise you to rent an Alamo car. Alamo always offers unlimited mileage! You can start your trip in Miami and hand in your rental car at another location. Within Florida there are no one way fees for car rental with Autoshuren.nl. So drive from Miami to Orlando or capital Tallahassee.

Why should I rent a car through Autoshuren.nl?

√ The lowest car rental rates
√ Unlimited mileage
√ No drop off costs within Florida
√ All Alamo rental cars are air conditioned
√ You don’t need to own your driver’s license for at least one year
√ Cruise terminal is easily accessible by using the shuttle service
√ A lot of different types of cars, and you can pick one yourself at the location

Where in Miami can I pick up my rental car?

Alamo has several rental locations in Miami. Besides the airport location, you can book your rental car in Miami South Beach or Miami North Beach which are downtown rental locations.

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