With the One way car rental option that Autoshuren.nl offers, you are more flexible and can enjoy more freedom. For instance, do you wish to pick up your rental car at the airport and return it in the city center? With a rental car from Autoshuren.nl this is usually no problem.

Often extra charges apply (drop off costs) if you return the rental car at a different location. The extra fee can vary depending on the location. If additional charges apply, you will see them on the screen when you make a reservation at Autoshuren.nl and they will be written on your invoice and voucher. Drop off costs will always have to be paid at the actual rental location upon picking up the car. They are never included in the amount you pay when you make the booking. The drop off costs mentioned on Autoshuren.nl, your invoice and your voucher do not include any local taxes.

One way car rental in Europe

In most European countries it is allowed to return the rental car at a different location from where you picked it up. The additional costs vary per country. Sometimes a surcharge only applies with car rental shorter than one week and one way rental is free of costs when the rental period is longer. If you check a rental price online, the additional drop off costs will be shown on the screen.

In the USA and Canada there are some extra conditions and exceptions for One way car rental. Do you want to rent a car that you can pick up at location A and drop off at location B? Then it is good to know that this is not possible when you rent an Economy car. One way car rental is not allowed for Economy cars.

No drop-off costs

Do you want to be sure about possible additional drop off costs when you make a reservation? Then request a quote at Autoshuren.nl or contact our customer service. It is good to know that no drop off charges apply within Florida or California. Between San Francisco airport or Los Angeles and Las Vegas airport (and vice versa) there are also no additional costs.

Good to know: In Canada the drop off costs between Calgary and Vancouver are CA$ 150,- but if you choose to drive this route the other way round there is no surcharge.

One way between the USA and Canada

With Autoshuren.nl it is possible to pick up your rental car in the USA and return it in Canada or vice versa. Autoshuren.nl has about 17 locations in the USA where you can rent a car and return it in Canada. In Canada Autoshuren.nl has 13 locations where you can rent a car that you can drop off in the USA.

A popular one way route is Seattle – Vancouver. Other routes that our customers like are Toronto Airport – Buffalo Airport and Toronto Airport – Boston Airport. 

Crossing a border by rental car

In most cases it is not a problem to cross a border with your rental car. However, we advise you to inform Autoshuren.nl upon booking about your plans to cross the border. There are a few destinations and rental companies that do not allow you to cross the border by rental car. If you do cross the border when it is not allowed, you will no longer have insurance. In case of damage this can cause problems that we would like to prevent.

In Europe crossing a border by rental car is not a problem. In the United States and Canada crossing the border by rental car is also allowed. However it is for instance not allowed to drive an Autoshuren.nl rental car from Europe to North Africa or from the United States into Mexico. In South America you often have to mention your plans to cross any border upon reservation or at the pick-up location, because this is subject to extra charges.

Returning your rental car in another country

In some cases it is possible to return a rental car in another country than where you picked it up. For Europe or South America we advise you to contact Autoshuren.nl for more information.

Picking up the rental car in the USA and returning it in Canada is sometimes allowed. For example Seattle – Vancouver or vice versa. Or Buffalo- Portland (Maine) or Boston – Vancouver. Please contact Autoshuren.nl for more information or to make a reservation.