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Crossing the border with Autoshuren.nl

Do you want to cross the border with your Autoshuren.nl rental car? In most cases this is not a problem at all. However we advise you to inform Autoshuren.nl upon booking about your plans to cross the border. There are a few destinations and rental companies that do not allow you to cross the border by rental car. If you do cross the border when it is not allowed, you will no longer have insurance. In case of damage this can cause problems that we would like to prevent.

Crossing a border by rental car

In Europe crossing a border by rental car is not a problem. In the United States and Canada crossing the border by rental car is also allowed. However it is for instance not allowed to drive an Autoshuren.nl rental car from Europe to North Africa or from the United States into Mexico. In South America you often have to mention your plans to cross any border upon reservation or at the pick-up location, because this is subject to extra charges.

Returning your rental car in another country

In some cases it is possible to return a rental car in another country than where you picked it up. For Europe or South America we advise you to contact Autoshuren.nl for more information.

Picking up the rental car in the USA and returning it in Canada is sometimes allowed. For example Seattle – Vancouver or vice versa. Or Buffalo- Portland (Maine) or Boston – Vancouver. Please contact Autoshuren.nl for more information or to make a reservation.

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